Itís Memeís Birthday

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Today is my friend Wilma Irvinís 84th birthday. She is not on Facebook, but she reads the newspaper every single week so I am dedicating this column to this incredible woman. I was in my 20s when Wilma and her husband, Rubin, ďadopted me.Ē I was young and living among strangers when this couple welcomed me into the First Assembly Church and their family. The next few years, spending time with these special people, were the best in my life.

We traveled together on several trips including Disney World. When I left Osceola for a few months in the early 90s and then decided to return, I had no where to live. The Irvins welcomed me into their home for several months until I could find a house to purchase. Thatís just the kind of beautiful people they are.

Wilma never had children of her own, but whether in her home or through her service to the church, she touched the lives of hundreds of children. She has a major soft spot for her nieces and great-nieces.

Throughout the years, she has given unselfishly of her time and talents to others. Sheís a great cook and has shared with us all. You should try her fried chicken! I canít tell you the number of times she has simply listened to my problems and then prayed for the Lord to intercede.

Wilma was 18 years old when she met the love of her life in Parkin. At the time, she was one of the Neal Sisters who sang all over the area and on the radio. They were often accompanied by her little brother Bobby Neal, the great guitar player who unfortunately later lost in life in a plane crash with Ricky Nelson.

When Wilma fell in love with Rubin, a Navy man, there was no looking back. They married Dec. 20, 1958 and Wilma packed her bags to follow her husband. The couple was stationed in Hawaii, Kelfavia, Iceland, and Pensacola, Fla. twice.

After 25 years of serving his country, Rubin finally retired from the military and the couple moved to Osceola on September 30, 1975. Fortunately, for those who know and love them, they have never left.

Wilma is one of the most loving and giving people I have ever met. She never meets a stranger and I am so happy to call her my friend.

So, Happy Birthday dear Meme. May you spend this day holding the hand of the man who love so much... with that sweet smile on your face. Take a few extra ďsugarsĒ from RuRu....

Love you.