Random thoughts from a Covid survivor

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

I now have a new identity and I must admit it pretty much consumes my life. I am a COVID-19 survivor. Some say I cheated death. I say God sent the Devil running.

One year ago, I took my story public for two reasons... to share my testimony of the true power of God and to warn others of the serious consequences of this virus. Iím been stressing for the past year to wear a mask and practice social distancing, but I can not stress this enough. Yes, a mask is inconvenient. In fact, it is plum annoying. I am claustrophobic to begin with and wearing a mask makes it is worse than ever. Yet, as the new Delta variant begins to claim the lives of my friends, I find myself, once again, terrified not to wear a mask.

The last thing I want to do is catch this virus again or give it to someone else. This opens up a whole new can of questions. I have finally gotten completely off the oxygen machine. I have had a plasma transfusion from a COVID survivor. I have built my own antibodies and I have been vaccinated. Will this protect me from a second go around?

I ask these questions simply to point out there are no answers. Oh, there are a million different physicians, scientists and national reporters who have opinions. However, this virus is still too new to have solid answers. And, that is pretty scary. Personally, I will keep my faith in God. In the mean time, I will once again wear a mask in public and keep my distance from others.

Coronavirus cases continue to rise in Mississippi County and as school begins, I am sure it will get even worse. And, this go around even more kids are getting sick from the virus.

Many will only suffer flu-like symptoms; others will lose their lives. We can not put our lives on hold indefinitely and children must go back to school. Teachers join healthcare workers... making sacrifices to help others. Please keep them in your prayers.

In the mean time, follow the social distancing rules established by the school district administrators. Make sure your understands the importance of wearing a mask, washing their hands and playing with others.

Itís time to learn a few air high fives. Kids have to be smart on campus and off of campus. Parents... lead by example.

Let this school year be a turning point... a return to normal. Do not let the Delta variant win!