We cover winners!

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

I have only one thing to say this week. WOW!

South Mississippi County is wearing a feather in our hat this week.

Rivercrest and Osceola will be battling each other for the 3A state basketball championship in Hot Spring Friday afternoon. This means we all win... either way.

I am so proud of these young men, coaches, cheerleaders and parents who have shown their dedication to being the very best.

Letís go to Hot Springs and show the rest of the state what we are made of. Letís show them our athletic talents, our sportsmanship, our pride, our dignity, our spirit and most of all, our love for one another.

We are all neighbors and family. Letís show the state what a healthy rivalry looks like. Play hard on the court and hug afterward. And, donít forget to pose for the camera. May the best team win!