Bring it on!

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

He never starred on the silver screen, but he shined in the lives of everyone who knew him.

My dad, known to his friends for many years simple as "Goob," was the king of the neighborhood and a father to the world. He never met a stranger and he never over-heard a conservation he couldn't quickly become a part of.

He raised his 10 children on a small farm. This is where they learned how to work hard and survive on their own merits. He had always been very proud of his children and insisted they get a high school education - and a college one too if they so desired. He was determined his kids would have a chance in this world - one that he never had. Dad couldn't read or write anything besides his name, but he never let it get in his way. Dad made up his handicap by listening to the news on the television and radio. He was also a whiz with figures. Dad said he had "common sense," something most of the younger generation would never have.

Dad was a friend to the community. He was the man all the kids came to for help and all the adults came to for advice. He never locked his door and thought the whole world should have access to the freezer and canned goods in the cellar. He had a knack for finding the good qualities in everyone. It was nothing for him to bring Conway Twitty or Dale Bumpers home for a home cooked meal. Of course, he would also pick hitch-hikers up off the side of the road and bring them home for a shower and a good nights sleep.

I share these thoughts this week just to remind us all that we are a product of our up-bringing... and that the Delta people are proud, strong, determined, giving, loving, stubborn, courageous and full of spirit. It is not my intention to sound prejudice against the rich, but the fact is, if you were born into poverty and pulled yourself out by hard work and sweat, nothing or no one will defeat you. My brother reminded me this weekend a country boy or girl will truly survive... no matter the obstacles.

So, bring it on Covid-19!