A few ghostly legends....

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Nodena Widow

The Nodena Plantation near Wilson was once home to the Nodena Indians. But it is also rumored to be the home of the ghost of a young civil war widow. Legend has it the young woman came to Mississippi County following the war searching for her husband. The Confederate soldier died at the San Souci plantation, which had been set up as a hospital for the wounded. Supposedly, the young widow was also killed along her journey, near Nodena, and never reached her love. The Hampson family reported often seeing the widow's ghost in their home at Nodena and many others have seen her walking along the road.

San Souci Teenager

The old two-storied home that still sits near the old San Souci plantation on New Cut Road in Osceola is supposedly the home of the ghost of a young teenage girl. The girl died while living in the home with her family. She was first sighted in the 1960s. The young girl had long blonde hair and wore a purple dress. She was seen sitting on the end of a couch. When questioned, the girl disappeared. To this day, many strange things have happened in the house and many have reported seeing the young girl.

Captain Dan

Captain Dan Matthews, a river boat captain in the late 1880s lived at 335 Elizabeth St. Osceola. The captain and his wife were murdered in the upstairs bedroom. The Wallace family lived there for more than 50 years and often heard the tap of Captain Danís peg leg. Is he still searching for revenge?

Osceolaís Quinn Home

The huge two storied house on Semmes Street in Osceola is the home of strange, damp smells; and steam in the hallway. The smell arrives quickly and disappears just as fast. And, when you sit in the den, you can sometimes hear an old radio playing. The house was built in 1938 by Earl Quinn, who had a heart attack in one of the upstairs rooms. No one knows who haunts the house, they just know the presence is real.

Osceola Indian

Is there an Indian, in full dress, who roams east Johnson in Osceola? Many, who have lived near the Violet Cemetery throughout the years, have reported seeing his image. One lady said he roams in her backyard as if searching for something.