Stop The Violence

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

James Cromwell once said, “What is magnificent about humans is when they decide to turn and stand. If they respond with non-violence on principle and hold their ground, they are really magnificent.”

I am so proud of my fellow citizens who have taken to walking the streets in prayer and are not afraid to be examples.

This past week, we had several shootings here in our city. At the same time, we had adults organizing events to celebrate family values and community spirit.

This, my friends, is how you make a difference in the community. One of my most treasured possessions is a yard rock my mom gave to me many years ago. It reads, “Grow where God plants you.” I have attempted to live my life by this philosophy. I used that rock in both of my political campaigns... wishing to share this very important message.

Come on people, this is our home. Osceola is an incredible town filled with kind, loving citizens. It’s time to plant the seed and watch it grow. We all have to do our part. As long as the citizens of Osceola continue to dwell on the negative, the only towns to see growth will be Marion, Dyersburg, and Memphis. We must stop fighting each other.

We must send a united front to the rest of the world. Now, I’m not talking about sticking our heads in the Delta mud and refusing to take a hard look at reality. Facing our problems, head on, is the only way to solve them. At the same time, adults should be able to agree to disagree for the betterment of us all.