Life is not free

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Hang on... Iím about to get real. As a COVID survivor and what has been called ďlong haulerĒ, I have sat quietly long enough. When I was laying in an ICU room knocking on deathís door, I made a video about COVID-19 which went viral. Well, itís time I make another video and send it straight to Washington.

Letís look at the facts for just a few minutes. As you all know, I am a born and bred Democrat with very conservative views. This past year has not changed my values, but it has certainly opened my eyes to our new reality.

I have spent my whole life trying my best to help others in need. Iíve never had much, but I have always been willing to share what I had as well as my talents and time. Not one single person has ever asked me for help and not received my best efforts. Sometimes my efforts may not have been enough, but I promise I tried. I say all this to let you know that my values and the values of millions of Americans have not changed. With this said, the Washington politicians have gone crazy.

Their free handouts are quickly destroying small towns all across America. I was 100 percent behind the governmentís efforts to help businesses who suffered major loses during the pandemic. I was 100 percent behind government efforts to assist workers who lost their jobs.

However, the system is broken. Millions received PPP Loans for businesses that do not exist. Millions received Care Act Money that went directly into the pockets of non-profit scam artists. The unemployed were given additional funds to sit home. People with freezers full of food were given a new supply every few weeks. The government is paying peopleís utilities and even their rent.

People quit their jobs not because they lost them due to Covid, but because they could make more money sitting at home. Wake up! You are not helping people, you are enabling them and you are destroying small towns everywhere. For example, here in Osceola every single manufacturer, restaurant and business is looking for workers. There is no available workforce.

If you are an able-bodied man or woman, you should be standing on your own two feet... working to earn your own money and taking care of your own family. Thatís the true American way!

Letís talk for a minute about the COVID long-haulers, like myself. The majority of us are working everyday even though we have chronic pain, chronic fatigue and brain fog. We canít afford to ďtake it easyĒ which is everyoneís advice. Why? Because we have insurance. Thatís right! If you have insurance you do not qualify for COVID Relief Funds. So, if someone who does not work is hospitalized with COVID, all their bills are wiped away. However, if you work, the government does not help. You pay what the insurance wonít pay.

Summing this mess up, if an able-bodied person sits home, they get their utilities and rent paid, they get a government loan, increased SSI, increased unemployment benefits, doctor bills paid and even free food, bikes and household items from every non-profit in town through Cares Act Funds. And, they are about to get checks for simply having children.

If you are a true COVID long-hauler, you canít even get your medical bills paid. Donít get me wrong, I will somehow pay my bills just like I always have. I am just using my situation as an example of a very messed up system.

I fear life as we knew it is gone forever and I am scared of the future. Life is not free. We will all have to pay in the end. Everyone is about to see the results of this broken system at the gas pump, grocery store, clothing boutique, etc.

The American dream is not a free ride. How is it possible politicians do not understand this? Call you local, state and federal politicians and urge them to stop being a part of a broken system.

Letís face it! No one will turn away free checks, even me, but the government has to stop dishing them out or we, as a nation, a state and a city, will never recover.