The Magic

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

2020 has been tough on us all. Life as we knew it came to an end. Personally, I became a statistic this year. I am a COVID-19 survivor, just like many of you. Maybe we should all buy the t-shirt.

Seriously, it has been hard and the battle is not over for a lot of us. In fact, as I write this, many of my friends and neighbors are just beginning their COVID fight.

With this said, we all need to come together, especially as we enter the holiday season. This Thanksgiving and Christmas we need to remember our blessings. Its time to stop looking at the glass half empty and making everything a competition. Itís time to stop acting like spoiled children and remember life is better when we share its joys.

Personally, Iím going to celebrate the holidays as a tribute to the beautiful woman who raised me... the woman who believed in Santa Claus, little green elves, warm sugar cookies, presents for everyone, and family traditions... a woman who placed God first in her life.

I want to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner and hold hands with my loved ones... just the way she always insisted. I want to remember the woman who taught me to believe in the goodness of men; in the power of love; and, most importantly, in the dreams of a little girl born in the country.

Finally, I need to watch as many Hallmark movies as possible. Thatís right! What could be better than Jolly Ole Saint Nick, angels and puppy dogs, a damsel in distress, and a handsome prince to save the day... all tied up nice and neat with a big red bow?

To let go of the holidays and their magic, would be to let go of my mom and everything she taught me. You see, my mom placed the magic in my heart... a magic I hope to never lose.

COVID will not steal my holiday magic. What about you? Are you with me?