Doctors advise residents to use common sense

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Local healthcare providers warn local residents to use common sense if they think they have contracted the COVID-19 virus.

With symptoms of the virus being similar to the flu or a severe cold, they advise people to adhere to the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control.

“If you think you are sick, don’t come inside and tell us,” said Dr. Reggie Cullom, of Osceola First Care. “Stay in your car. We will come outside to see you.”

Cullom and fellow Dr. Sherita Willis, of the Willis Clinic in Osceola, both say if you are sick with the virus, you should limit your contact with others.

“If you think you are sick, you need to get medical attention,” said Dr. Willis. “But we also don’t need to risk exposing others to the virus, so please act responsibly.”

“Not everybody needs to be tested for this stuff,” said Dr. Cullom. “If you fall into certain categories of risk you might need to be tested, but that isn’t the case for everyone.”

Dr. Willis advises the public to use care in this uncertain time. “We need to keep “social distancing” in mind. Use common sense when it comes to hand washing and covering sneezes or coughs.”

“If people will keep these things in mind, we will make it through this,” said Dr. Cullom.